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由Dranguinidae Opalux編輯: 8/17/2022 4:46:48 PM

A strong aesthetic improvement to glaives would increase the fun of using them. (Suggestion)

I would love to see glaives get an animation for when you swing and miss. As it is right now you just do the same swing over and over and its incredibly immersion-breaking. Nothing says I am playing a game more than repetitive animations, and I know that with a strong miss animation, glaives would be a lot more fun. I would suggest adding a basic staff-spinning Form to be performed where you move your blade back into position any time you miss an attack, along with alternating misses attacking from the opposite side, meaning that when you repeatedly miss, instead of doing the same strike over and over you would begin doing cross strikes with a twirl flourish to return your spear to ready position. Right now, the sound of the blade is always a beautiful blade through air sound, but I would likewise suggest that flourish motions be accompanied by a lower pitch hum within the same general theme of sound, as if it is less the blade and more the staff overall making the noise when you flourish.



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