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8/16/2022 10:23:02 PM

hard to find loyal gamers

[TDB] TheDivineBeast • [PVE/ENDGAME/PVP Clan] • [Active Members + Discord] ] • [All Platforms]

TheDivineBeast is recruiting Players and or Small Clans to join our Clan/Community [b][i]Joining is simple:[/i][/b] [quote][b]-[/b] Be 18+ [b]-[/b] Join the Discord and Fill Out The Application for clan/community role [i]Random request with no application fill out = denied, posting on here you want to join.. is fine make sure you join the discord and still fill out the form.[/i] [b]-[/b] Join and Remain in our Discord [b]-[/b] Upvote this post so we can maintain visibility[/quote] [b][i]TDB Clan/Discord Links:[/i][/b] [quote]💬 > [url=][/url] 🕋 > [url=]TDB Clan Page[/url] 🕋 > [url=]TDB2 Clan Page[/url] [spoiler]💬 > [url=]backup discord url[/url][/spoiler][/quote] [b][i]We only have a few requirements:[/i][/b] [quote][b]-[/b] Join and be active within our Discord server - this means using our LFG channels to create fireteams, joining up on queued activities or even creating your own and participating in conversations [b]-[/b] Be Active in Destiny - We aren't expecting any lifer levels of activity, although we have several that do (me included) but we ask that you are active a few times a week. [b]-[/b] Is engagement with clan and community members, We know social anxiety can be hard. As I'm the Owner and have issues myself. [/quote] [i][b]We are looking for in the clan members and community members![/b][/i] [quote][b]-[/b] Be 1550+ Light on one character [b]-[/b] We are seeking dedicated Guardians (gamers that are active, wanting to do all content) [b]-[/b] If you can do lowman, Gm's without Issues.. And more (that's great) [b]-[/b] End Game/Harder Content Gamers (if you can do raids/gms or master raids-cps, end game stuff) join.. even if you cant still apply.[/quote] [i][b]What we are looking for attitude wise in members![/b][/i] [quote][b]-[/b] Excellent sense of humor [b]-[/b] Respectful gamers [b]-[/b] Willing to talk,teach and just support people not of your skill level.. Not bash them.[/quote] [b][i]What We Offer:[/i][/b] [quote][b]-[/b] LFG channels in our discord to arrange activities between our clans [b]-[/b] Weekly raids run by community leaders and members, experience is only a bar to entry if we’re already running a Sherpa for another member, but we will make sure you get a raid if you want one and teach you new roles if you don’t know them. [b]-[/b] PvE content helps, we’ll help get those 100k nightfalls done, run with you through any dungeon, take on Vox Obscura or just stack up for Gambit because it hurts playing solo. [b]-[/b] Teach raids and help you gain experience [b]-[/b] Guide you through dungeons and support you on exotic quests [b]-[/b] Dedicated Safe Space channels gamers, LGBTQ+, terminal or chronic illnesses and Mental Health Issues to talk, support each other and arrange activities. [i]We aren't saying the rest of the discord isn't safe for everyone, we just know sometimes its nice to talk to people who understand you a little better, just let us know so we can give you access[/i] [b]-[/b] Giveaways and competitions for members of our clans.[/quote] [b][i]One Thing To Follow:[/i][/b] [quote]TDB is a family, your not a number to us, your a family member when you join us. So engage and be active is all we ask (failing to do so at all in weeks/two weeks time = removed) engage a few times a week its not that hard.[/quote] [b][i]A Community That Knows How To Help Others - So Long As You Ask[/i][/b] [quote]TheDivineBeast sits apart from most other Communities because we genuinely want to help as many people as possible achieve as much as they can during their time with us. [/quote]



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