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8/15/2022 12:29:06 AM

The Blackbird is recruiting!

[b]Platform: [/b]PS4/PS5 Our active time zone varies, but mostly in EST. We are most active on afternoons/evenings, with more time dedicated on the weekends. Currently, we have 36 members, around 10 of them active on PSN. [b]ABOUT US:[/b] We are a group of D1 vets looking for people, no matter what you are trying to accomplish. Whether you are a new player looking for someone to guide you through, or a vetted player eager to tackle endgame content, we are down to help you! We are completionists; we reach into every aspect of the game, and have 2 day one raids under our belts. We want people that are active and committed to Destiny 2. Most importantly, we want people who vibe with us - we are loud, and like to joke and drink while we run through raids to have a good time. [b]REQUIREMENTS:[/b] -PSN as your main platform -Good attitude and willing to learn/socialize -Regular player/committed -willing to participate in group raids or other such activities Our main communication takes place in a clan Discord server. We would love to run a raid with you - if you are interested, drop a reply or send a discord message to [b]BluBerryBoom#6584[/b] with any inquiries!



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