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Guardian Radio

I made a ship post earlier but I also have another idea. What if Bungie introduced a guardian radio station function in the game? For a lot of their trailers they use fun music and live action guardians dancing usually is a recurring theme. Plus we have tons of emotes and stuff in game related to music and stuff. A big theme that they like to have is guardians expressing themselves and a really fun thing to add would be a radio station that they have. You could activate it on the ships or your comms (cause ghosts are little buddies who could totally help with that) and flick on some rockin tunes to play while wandering space and your average space rocks. As a long shot maybe they could even reach out to the community and get some people to host guardian radio shows, or introduce a guardian/character that chooses to use their light to help communication and spread positive vibes across the system. They could get characters from the game be awkward guest stars and list off stuff they listen to or talk about fun topics too, it’d be a great way to expand the lore of the series too. During the seasonal events like Halloween or Christmas they could also tell stories too. Imagine Zavala being called up Monday and he tries to relax on the radio station and take a less serious role with another character (and probably struggle). Or Elsie bray absolutely confused about how and why she got called onto the radio station. On Thursday nights Xur steps on the show and he rambles about the nine and a surprising taste in ska. The drifter would be a delightfully goofy guest trying to show off his musical tastes and stuff. During the Christmas season we could have Amanda holiday reminisce about fun Christmas stories. Eva Levante could guest star and talk about her seasonal plans and even cooking recipes. A better idea for Xur would be like once a month he gets a segment of the show with his horse and talks about crazy stuff and they just put on goofy music. What would Ikora even do if they could get her on the show lol. It’s a shame that Cayde is gone because I think he would have really shined here, maybe they can even have recordings of him there but probably not. Big sad Getting music for a guardian radio station would definitely be a tall order, and so would a in-game destiny podcast but it would be a blast. What if Bungie even made deals with bands and stuff to get their music played in game, and it would be introduced like “we just uncovered a cache of old storage units with tons of songs from a bygone age, have a listen”. Another fun community thing could be Bungie putting out a event where fans record themselves playing music and they can send it in for a monthly appreciation thing. A radio station or system in destiny could be a fantastic community experience, of course again there’s a lot that has to go into it but I just wanted to talk about this idea to the community ya know? [spoiler]Moderator edit: This thread has been updated with tags that are more appropriate. Feel free to private message the moderator who moved your post, link to topic, for further clarification about why this topic was moved.[/spoiler]



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