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8/10/2022 7:00:49 PM

Should Patrols have more chaos to be worth doing?

YES, I love chaos.




IDK, it's whatever


Chaos = more enemy spawns, more random events, harder patrol missions, just more chaos (ex. Alters of Sorrow event on the moon).



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  • Here’s my thought: Put it as part of an overhauled patrol/destinations. - update the enemy spawn density and strength so that they might actually pose a threat outside of that first patrol space in Cosmodrome (keep that as a sort of training space). - Each location has a rank system similar to Throne World where completing public events, patrols, and collecting resources gives XP. - an updated armor set for each location (Cosmodrome, EDZ, Nessus, Dreaming City, Moon, and Europa) that can be unlocked at ranks 2,3,4,6,and 8 of the vendor. Subsequent drops can occur with new (up to 64 stat total) rolls from public event chests as a chance instead of blue drops. (Higher chance from heroic) - A NEW weapon for each location that can be earned at rank 10. Subsequent drops can happen at random from new Legendary Patrols, Legend and Master lost sectors, and an updated weekly bounty. Perk pools would be updated once per year. - Subsequent rank ups would give more perk nodes similar to playlist ranks. Also increases the likelihood and energy total of the armor drops. Legendary Patrols would be variations of the HVT, Generic kill, and collection patrols. HVT’s would have much higher health and light level (putting them at legend levels) and higher add density spawns. Kill patrols would be very specific requiring specific weapon types, locations, and damage types to perform. Collections would have some prerequisites and generally be more total than regular patrols. The goal would be to give new players an easy intro into higher level content and the game’s terms while giving experienced players some new loot and cosmetics for minor investment. Just a thought I’ve had for years. Literally just updated the locations in the () near the top. Could even put shaders and other location-themed cosmetics in the rank up tiers.



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