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NA | Acrylic Dreams | Medium Sized Clan Looking For Members!

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION BEFORE REQUESTING TO JOIN THE CLAN OR JOINING OUR DISCORD. [b]ABOUT ACRYLIC[/b] Acrylic is home to players of all types, from casual to hardcore and a whole lot of in-between. We are also home to players of all skill levels, we take anyone from their first day playing to D1 Day 1 vets. We partake in activities of all kinds. If it exists there is someone that will be willing to help or willing to learn. From day 1 raids to story missions, and Trials to playlist we’ve got activities covered. We are constantly searching for social and friendly people who fit into our community. After all, Acrylic isn’t just a Destiny clan, it's a social community encompassing all walks of life and interests. There are channels for communal chat, memes and more. That is in conjunction with plenty of destiny related content. Places to discuss the game, share media and a unique (and easy) rsvp system to put together and join groups for raids and any other type of content found in game. With all of that said, we are still smaller in size, with a constant group of 10-15 highly active players. While we don't require that you are online 24/7 the more active you are the better you will fit in. Regardless we understand that people have lives to live, that's why we have rather loose requirements on activity and give exceptions upon request (see rules section of discord). All in all if you play Destiny you will probably fit right in, so give it a shot; we'd love to have you! [b]JOINING ACRYLIC[/b] [i]This is the section that I referred to at the top of the post, please if you read nothing else read this section to avoid any declination of your application, thanks again![/I] Below is a sort of "quick start" guide for getting into the clan, mostly consisting of requirements for joining and short How-to's. Though Acrylic doesn't gate-keep players, ie; requiring a k/d, power level, triumphs, etc. We do have a few requirements in place to make sure new members fit our community... [quote][b]Discord[/b]: Discord is our primary form of communication, meaning it will be your main hub to find clan activities and social bits. It should be noted that while we are primarily a North American, PC based clan we accept anyone from anywhere on any platform so long as they comply with the rules listed below. [b]Joining[/b]: To begin you will need to join the discord server where you will be prompted with more steps to gain access to the clan. Once you read and complete these steps [u]carefully[/u] and [u]completely[/u], a staff member will grant you access to the rest of the clan and community. Please read the rules below and note that simply requesting to join on alone will result in a denial. [/quote] [i]We are willing to accept anyone from any platform or region so long as they meet these requirements....[/I] In order to join Acrylic Dreams you [b][i]MUST[/i][/b]: [quote]- Use Discord to communicate. - Join and register in our Discord per rules listed. - Be active in-game each week. - Be social, friendly, and respectful. - Read, write, and speak fluent English.[/quote] Well if you made it this far, let's get you in! - Clan Discord: [url=][u]Click Here[/u][/url] - Application Guide: [url=][u]Click Here[/u][/url] [i](Please Upvote this post so more people can see it, Thank you and see you soon!)[/i] ~Dilly



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