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8/11/2022 10:34:06 PM

CROSS-PLATFORM] LUMINANCE & RADIANCE [LUNA] is recruiting and WE want YOU to join!

[u][b]Founded on the simple idea that a clan is meant to be for like minded individuals to build friendships, gather, and enjoy all that Destiny 2 has to offer.[/b][/u] [u][b]LUNA is a multi-clan community that provides a home for players of all skill levels and interests.[/b][/u] We participate in all game activities, host events such as 1v1 bracketed tourneys and scrims, we are content creator friendly, and all are welcome to our ranks! Whether you're just starting out or you've been playing since D1, join the LUNA community and build not just a clan but a family. Play other games? We do, too! Phasmophobia, Lost Ark, New World, and Elder Scrolls Online are just a few of the games our members play together outside of Destiny. So I'm sure now you're asking yourself [u]How do you join?[/u] Follow the link to our Discord! Read our brief and common sense rules, register, and then check out the join-our-clans channel to apply!



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