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PSN | EST-PST [NA] | Adult | Discord | Recruiting-Solo Guardians | Enjoyment-Focused

Are you tired of feeling non-inclusive? Are you interested in finding companionship? then consider joining a consistant and devoted community to Destiny,  like Ace Enigma. We mostly consist of EST-PST time zones, and 4PM-9PM MST (my time zone specifically) is our peak playtime. We’re looking to recruit individuals who fit that timeline, even though you don't have to match it perfectly. Weekends are more random as we know life gets in the way. We're hoping to find social players that are willing to communicate via Discord and PSN, and to reach toward Endgame levels but also have fun in the process. We are wanting to help our community to grow together so Discord is a requirement given that we use it daily. We also expect those who want to join to be ready to support our community and our culture. We are big on PvE & PvP activities and we always get to max clan rank each season. We do our best to help each other and build friendships and get to know each other well. We love to win like everybody else, and most of the time we do, but the most important thing to us is to simply have fun and enjoy each other's company. These are our requirements, please read them: -Ages 21+ (25+ preferred) -Discord to be cohesive (preferred mobile)  -Mic for party chats -Play Destiny 3+ days per week (daily is ideal) **within the times we play** -Power 1550 If you're interested in joining please read our clan description in the link below ⬇️ We do prefer to be contacted directly in Discord so here is our Discord names below ⬇️ -Lofty#1594 (Founder/Admin) -HoLLoW#9068 (Admin)



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