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8/10/2022 7:00:49 PM

Should Patrols have more chaos to be worth doing?

YES, I love chaos.




IDK, it's whatever


Chaos = more enemy spawns, more random events, harder patrol missions, just more chaos (ex. Alters of Sorrow event on the moon).



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  • Each planets vendor needs to be updated into the newest structure with rank up engrams and weapon and armour focusing. It’s annoying that we have a vendor structure like trials/ib/gambit that we don’t have implemented at each reward/destination vendor. Vanguard, crucible having a a scaled back version of the previous vendors mentioned system and then a more scaled back version of this at planet vendors currently makes the overall system all over the place. The moon and europa yet again having their own routes to acquire gear. It’s like different people get their own attempt at making the new destination system each expansion/season and totally disregard the previous system without thinking to update it at the same time and now what 5 years down the line it’s too big a job to align everything. Unfortunately patrols fall into that mess as there needs to be something worthwhile to do in them such as such as weapon focusing/crafting/Rank up system, perhaps a new weapon each season for each planet that you can target if you like it instead of hoping on world drops or a long winded took forever banshee rank up engram.



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