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8/11/2022 3:38:17 PM
I responded the other day, but here is some more food for thought. Trials is considered and endgame activity, so it's rewards should be worthy of being one. Currently its simply not rewarding unless you can reach 7-wins and continue to win after that. Even Iron Banner is more rewarding than Trials. Trials needs post match drops regardless of win/loss just like all other PvP modes. The drops could be non-trials gear and masterworking materials. As you rack up wins on your card your gear drops have increased chances to be Trials gear and get better/more masterworking materials (ie 0-wins drop enhancement cores or legendary shards, 7-wins drop Prisms or Ascendent Shards/Alloys). Wins could reward more/better masterworking materials than losses. Wins with a 7-win card would be as it is today, so chances at high end masterworking materials and Trials Engrams. A loss with a 7-win card would have chances at lower end masterworking materials and a Trials gear drop (not an engram). I think this would help considering it takes forever to rank up to get a single engram, especially once you get to the higher ranks. Even mid tier players can spend an entire afternoon playing and end up with 2-3 engrams. Whats the point of banging your head against the wall for that? It's not.



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