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8/10/2022 7:00:49 PM

Should Patrols have more chaos to be worth doing?

YES, I love chaos.




IDK, it's whatever


Chaos = more enemy spawns, more random events, harder patrol missions, just more chaos (ex. Alters of Sorrow event on the moon).



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  • Some random thoughts. - I think they could add new Public Event types and then rotate them every season in order to keep things a little more interesting. Doing the exact same PEs since launch is a bit old. - Maybe enemy density could be driven by the number of players in the zone? This could be for the normal zone enemies as well as for Public Events. - The High Value Targets could have an entourage instead of being solo. Maybe even have some support vehicles. - The enemy turns on each other events could spawn a few bosses worth fighting. - Add more heroic patrols. Should not have to do basic patrols in order to get a heroic one to spawn. The main issue with free roam is the rewards from the activities. They are just not worth it for veteran players to go out of their way to engage in them. Maybe that would change if there was some worthwhile loot from engaging in it. Maybe enhancement cores, a small pile of legendary shards, a chance at an enhancement prism, idk. The current rewards of some glimmer and a blue just isn't worth going out of your way to participate in, especially when it's the same old events you've done since launch. Disclaimer: I have never tried the ghost mod for increased rewards from public events, so not sure it it makes it worthwhile or not.



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