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8/10/2022 2:39:11 AM

So... the harassment. My thoughts:

So I'm just gonna jump straight into this and say initially: This is [b]not[/b] okay. I'm sure most would agree with me. But I know I'll probably catch a lot of flack, so let me just clear that out. The first thing I want to address is the source of the harassment itself. Thinking logically, not all Titans are upset about the Twilight Garrison news. Not all that are upset are angry. Many of them understand why this is happening. The people doling out threats and harassing employees are part of an [b]extremely[/b] small population of players and fans. This is a large issue concerning a small group of people. I guarantee 99% of people on [b]these very forums[/b] would not harass or threaten anyone over an item not returning to a sequel video game. Almost the whole player base is being affected by Bungie's radio silence. I think that this is the wrong way to handle the issue. People prone to or intending to harass will not cease harassment because of a ceasing of communications. They will look for another excuse. You [b][i]cannot[/i][/b] reason with someone like this. Someone who is so worked up about a small aspect of a video game as to threaten another individual's life is not a reasonable person. It is futile to attempt to dissuade them or to try to stop feeding them excuses. They will make up there own excuses. The way that we deal with harassment is together. Bungie, this community actually cares about you guys and is incredibly grateful for everything beautiful and addictive and fantastic that we've been given the privilege to participate in. This community isn't all bad. I see good wherever I go with people teaching raids, people making donations to help raise for charities, and people just being relaxed and funny and nice in a space where a guy can feel at home. The radio silence feels almost like the condemning of all of us for the actions of very few of us. Outsiders certainly are making that condemnation of us, as this has reached all over. It's heartbreaking. We don't hate you. You don't bring about peace by building up walls. You don't unite the community and the creators like you've always tried to by putting up barriers. Let us into the conversation. Let us be part of the solution. We can deal with this together. As one. Signing off, RADneck.



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