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8/10/2022 11:50:22 AM


I’ve officially been on MNK for one month as of yesterday and this what I’ve learned from the transition. (Former top 100 ELO controller player in comp/rumble) Note that this is my personal experience, I didn’t really do any testing here. This is what I noticed from playing the game. I just wanted to write down how I’ve felt with and without aim assist. The primary play is mostly fine, between the two, I didn’t notice a huge issue in the absence of aim assist when using primaries on MnK. Pulses are SMGS are actually way too easy on MnK IMO, they do not have any recoil. It’s to the point where I can literally take my mouse off of my desk and still have a laser beam with my messenger, it’s stupid. There are a few outlier perks on HCs specifically, but the issue is not with HC AA as a whole. Perks like EOTS boost the hit box which affects MnK while perks like moving target are mainly strong on controller. I have an issue with any perks like that being in the game at all, it seems dumb to include such perks in an FPS. If you spec into aim assist handcannons get really crazy on controller, everyone knows this. Special weapons on controller outside of fusions and pellet shotguns are the main pain points when it comes to aim assist. The criminals in question are snipers, slugs, and linears. Linears are obviously broken, everyone knows it and they need to be toned down more. If you think that linears are at all balanced you’re objectively wrong. Now for the other two, slugs and snipers. I am not sure what it is about destiny aim assist that makes these two weapons feel incredibly easy to use. Chaperone and heritage were always my go to cheese to win guns on controller, I never touch them on MnK. They feel like snipers without the range. Slugs probably need less AA. Snipers are the biggest problem when it comes to AA, they aim for you. The first thing that I noticed was my incredibly lazy reticle placement with my beloved. I was used to hitting shots while aiming in a way that had my floating around every area other than the head once I swapped to MnK. This made sense since I always had trouble hitting my HC shots after I ran around primarying my sniper for a few games. The aim assist here feels way too strong, like WAY too strong. I think that they definitely need a nerf here.



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