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Peer to Peer only works well under these conditions. 1) Large population playing when you play and that are internet local to you. 2) Everyone has good stable internet with adequate (especially) upload and download bandwidth and low latency. However, the population drops off dramatically after a few weeks of a new content release, so they don't have a large local population and are forced to match make you with anyone still playing, regardless of where they are. And on top of this we have Cross Play which is why > 50% of my games have people with Asian Gamer Tags and Clan names while I'm in Western Canada that are unkillable. Secondly, most people have limited upload capability as most ISPs offer high download and limited upload. When your in a 6v6 match, you have 11 up and 12 downloads streams to handle plus whatever Tally server information you send back to Bungle. Not only does this strain peoples internet, it also puts demands on older consoles for processing power. This is why Dedicated Hosting Server based games like COD or BattleField (which have 1 up and 1 download connection) can have games with 64 players on last gen console, but Destiny struggles with 12 player games. And before people start the Bungle can't implement Dedicated Servers spiel, For Honour shipped as a Peer to Peer game. The fans revolted on the Forums because of the issues this caused and stopped playing it. Ubisoft ripped the Peer to Peer code out in mid game and replaced it Dedicated Host Servers (yes it wasn't perfect and it had teething problems, but I'm told it made a huge difference in playability). What this proves is that if a company believes in their game, wants gamers to continue to be their customer and cares about the players game experience, then they can make things right. Bungle has no excuse at this point in not having Dedicated Host Servers.



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