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12/11/2019 5:28:21 PM

Eriana's Vow Catalyst Pursuit rework

So its gone from earning 1% per Strike/Gambit/PvP (level from here on) == doing 100 levels to make 100%. To now you gotta do 400 levels. Fair enough its easier to tell how many more times you need to do a level, however earning 1% per level is pretty simple maths to deduce that you need to do a 100 levels. So why not just change it to out of 100 from % instead of out of blinking 400. I've been equipping Eriana's for strikes only to grind this out with each weeks vangaurd strike bounty and only had 28 runs left to do as I was sat at 72% complete. Thanks to this change its now 288/400. A whole damn 84 more times than my original 28 runs till I can clear the quest from my quest log and masterwork Eriana. Can't it be returned to just a 100 runs?? It's adding too much grinding to something 400 blinking times. Same for Symmetry Remastered, can't this be 100 also?



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