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8/8/2022 2:25:57 AM
[quote]Secrets of Shadow is a dedicated clan that takes on all types of activities. No matter what the challenge is we love to help out! [b]must be 17+ and have Witch Queen dlc[/b] [u][b]What we offer[/b][/u] - Organized discord to help others and clan events - Weekly raid Sherpas and divinity runs. - Respectful clanmates regardless of background/platform [b][u]Requirements[/u][/b] [b]Be Social[/b] - A community that doesn’t communicate is just a silent union. Expect to make good friends, have interesting conversations and feel like you’re a part of something.(Discord is required) [b]Be Active[/b] - We are a Mix of Eastern, Pacific and Central Timezones. 12pm-9pm is where you’ll find most of the clanmates online. Whether you play early in the morning or late at night there’s always someone to play with. [b]Have Fun[/b] - We are not diehard raiders or elite crucible sweats. However we are skilled in getting those activities done and we have fun in the process. [u][b]How To Join[/b][/u] If you can follow those rules then please 1)Upvote this post 2)Comment that you’re interested 3)Expect a dm from the destiny app *Not looking for a clan? Ask to join our discord community! The Void is infinite. Opportunities are endless.[/quote] I’m interested



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