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8/5/2022 5:35:12 PM

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Hey guys, I just came back from the future and I got lots to say about eruption. But first you give me a like on this post and thank our sponsor [i][b] RAID SHADOW LEGENDS[/b][/i]! It's an all-new mobile RPG where you can play with a plethora of new characters such as skeleton guy and axe man and...[i]*squints*[/i] dragon boy! Use my code down below and get 50 new 5-star pulls! Okay so eruption right? This game mode is bananas! Check it right? You kill some dude and you get some points right? Then if you kill even more dudes you get even more points! Like, it's otherworldly! Who thinks of these things?! One time I saw a dude just blow up for having [i][b]too[/b][/i] many slow down there my guy! I know I'm going to get a lot of hate in the comments but all the same post what you think! I had a great time with it and I don't see anything wrong with it! My KD is .000695 and a half and I'm having my own fun!



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