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8/5/2022 10:15:11 AM

Why Sweet Business makes the most sense for the ornament.

Arbalest, Rat King, and Sweet Business... three exotic kinetic weapons go head to head against each other for a community made ornament, but in my opinion, only one deserves the spotlight for this event... and that there is the Business. Here are the reasons why... Starting with why the Business should deserve its new ornament. The Business deserves its ornament because even though it has three ornaments in the destiny database there is only ONE that is obtainable at the moment. The Down to Business ornament is the only one obtainable from Eververse for Bright Engrams. Go About Your Business is at the moment, unobtainable because Crimson Days has not returned for the past while. The Corporate Sponsorship ornament is a silver only ornament at the moment. The reason why we should get the Sweet Business the new ornament is more variety for the Business since it technically only has one FREE ornament in the game that's available to get. This could also be good for new lights since they are able to get the Biz from Shaw Ham in the Cosmodrome after a short quest, so new lights being able to get a unique exotic and an ornament may add a bit more variety and a bit more bullets to the Destiny Universe. Arbalest, though being a favorite PvE weapon in the Destiny Community, the reason why it does NOT need another ornament is because it already has a perfect ornament for the weapon. The Electromagnetic Execution is the newest and greatest ornament for the Arbalest and because of the cleaner sight, no one will take it off for any ornament including the new ornament chosen for Arbalest if it wins the vote. It would be a waste of an amazing event if the Arbalest wins the vote and just proceeds to not be used because of it being not as good as Electromagnetic Execution. The Rat King is a beautiful and clean gun, and that's exactly why it doesn't need to win. The Rat King is already perfect. Its ornaments are pure perfection also, very clean and very flashy. Climate Change, Black Plague and even the base ornament just make the gun look so beautiful. It has three ornaments all obtainable from Eververse for engrams at the moment so its not lacking in the style department, and though it deserves to be a contender, especially over arbalest, I do not believe that it needs to win this community event. In my opinion, the Business deserves this win, to breathe new life into an old classic and to give it another ornament that can be used for the common community besides the Down to Business. I wish everyone luck for their favorite exotics but the Sweet Business deserves this win more than any other of the exotics listed.



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