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8/2/2022 6:34:40 PM

Unfounded temporary restrictions in PvP

So I got this temporary restriction warning for the third time within one and a half years. (I run a wired connection: 100mbps down & 30mbps up/ good ping and no packet loss.) It is known within the pvp playerbase that people often get restrictions even up to 2months, even if their connection is completely fine. (I've seen many speedtests/pings etc). Some people seem to have bad luck compared to me, because they don't only get warnings, they actually get banned for 2months pretty often. Destiny is the only game where we're running into connection issues and its noticeable that D2 is the game with the worst servers. Bungie themselves recommend in their help guide on, that 1mps of up/down is enough to run destiny without having issues. So I really wonder if its actually because of bad connection or just worse people mass reporting others because they're mad for losing. Unfortunately this mass reporting thing is happening way to often and I think the community needs to be more aware of it. I have friends that have been banned 4months in total now. Liana Ruppert has said once that people only get banned manually & I believe in that. But something has to change, the amount of good pvp players being banned that frequently is just illogical.
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