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Lux Caelestia is open to all players wanting to do endgame PvE and PvE activities

Lux Caelestia is made up of and for a tightly knit group of friends who set out to achieve excellence in endgame PvE content, such as: Raids, dungeons, GMs, master activities and day-one content. Also having a growing PvP side for trials, comp, and iron banner. We strive to raid on a weekly basis, help each of our members achieve their goals and establish a long-term friend circle that you can rely on. Who we’re looking for: Dedicated or hardcore guardians. We’ve set out to expand the team in order to offer more flexible time zones for scheduled activities. You’re more than welcome to join, whoever you are, wherever you are. What we offer: - Strong, capable guardians with a large pool of experience and knowledge. - Friendly and laid-back atmosphere - Helping hands for challenging endgame activities and Weekly raids Discord Server Link:



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