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由Arcomador編輯: 7/25/2022 10:04:57 PM

A fun pvp idea, sparrow racing.

Edit: I just found this was at one point already a thing.... maybe they should bring it back? Take the idea with the sparrow course from Grasp of Avarice dungeon (racing the fuses), instead of fuses you are racing other players to the finish line. You could have the event run by Amanda Holliday. You could make a few different courses based on each world we visit. Could have special events like pike racing or pike brawls (if you get off you blow up). Could make the rep unlock different shaders and maybe some different sparrows (capping at rank 30, resetting with the season). Nothing that would upset player power, just a fun thing to do for a change of pace in the game. IDK lol It's something different.



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