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由Serotonin編輯: 7/22/2022 10:33:29 PM

Can you not transmog the candescent armor???

As soon as solstice went live I was pretty excited to see the new armor as it looked like it would fit well with some exotics in need of good matches. I'm glad I went in the menu to preview the armor before grinding for synthweave since they didn't appear in the transmog options.. Did bungie make it impossible to transmog the set so players would be forced to buy it from eververse?? What if players want to transmog only one piece of the set or wanted the armor without a glow? Or not want to spend 6k bright dust/20 dollars? If this isn't going to be changed please let me know because if I can't transmog these before solstice ends I'm going to have to buy the whole set anyway. Hoping this will be fixed since they did make the last solstice armor transmog-able...both the with and with out the glow :/



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