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7/22/2022 5:05:13 AM

Name changes. Please give us an extra chance.

A few weeks ago, I heard a conversation amongst my friends that a friend of mine had changed his Bungie name, and was thinking of changing it back. I was intrigued at the prospects, but didn't inquire much further. Fast forward to today, where on a impulse i decided as a joke, to change my name to get a reaction out of another guardian with a funny name, Moms against smash. Upon changing my name, I saw the message you have no more name changes and I was confused. It was then I discovered you only get one. I have been trying my hardest to find an avenue to plead to Bungie for a name change, and have come up empty handed. I feel as though my account is ruined, and unless I can find a way to reverse this, I feel like I cant play destiny and that I've thrown all my time and money out of the window with a single impulsive move. If anyone else is in this situation, I'm very sorry for you. I hope that Bungie finds this and finds it in themselves to allow us one extra name change for these instances where we mess up, or maybe monetize them, because at this point I wouldn't mind paying 10 dollars for a name change. If there is any way to contact Bungie about this, I would much appreciate the information.



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