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由DuBChiri2編輯: 7/2/2022 3:17:14 AM

450 rpm auto rifle buff TWAB clarification because the numbers are wrong

So according to the TWAB, 450s previously did 19 to body and had a 1.6x multiplier for precision damage which SHOULD mean they do 30.4 damage per headshot. Post patch they should do 20 x 1.5 = a raw 30 damage. However...our current ingame numbers reflect 18 to body which is the exact number they were buffed to in season of the splicer. So are auto rifles ACTUALLY getting 2 extra damage on bodyshot? If not, then their damage will actually be lower post patch because they are lowering the precision multiplier at the same time. 18 x 1.6 = 28.8 =/= 30 19 x 1.5 = 28.5 =/= 30 20 x 1.5 = 30 = 30 Now all what I said doesn't really matter if it gets bumped to 20 per body, but right now our numbers dont reflect what was stated in the TWAB and I just wanted to make sure they get the 2 damage they should get if they are losing precision multiplier.



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