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6/24/2022 6:27:57 PM

Xur day is upon us! Go see him with some friends!

[url=]link[/url] Please click the link above to go to the server! The Accusers of the Brethren are recruiting Guardians to join our amazing community with 1,000+ members. We are a fun, friendly, and very active group open to every guardian out there, whether you are a New Light or veteran with countless seasons under your belt. We have multiple clans within our server all working together to help conquer raids, exotic quests, Crucible, Trials … anything and everything Destiny 2 has to offer. End the frustration of matchmaking for PvP and Trials. Join our family and find your fireteam in one of our PvP specific LFG channels. We play on all common platforms (Xbox, PlayStation and PC) and have people around the world in all time zones to make sure you will always find somebody ready to help. We also have a ton of “other than destiny channels”, if you need a break from the game for a minute or just want to chat with other guardians about some of your topics of interest. From food and booze channels, T.V./movies, and sports, you will definitely find what you are looking for! So come take a peek at our server! We currently have 1,000+ people in there from across the globe in multiple time zones, and on all platforms. If you have questions or need any help with getting started in the server you can DM Accuser#0001 on discord and he will assist you. All you have to do is follow these 3 Steps: 1. Go to our Discord server by clicking the link above 2. Get your Profile and Guardian setup done 3. You will be welcomed into one of our clans once your setup is complete See you in your new home, Guardian! We are looking forward to having you



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