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6/25/2022 12:24:57 PM

The Funeral March [TƑM] is recruiting! || PvE, PvP, End-Game - Grow with us || Discord server open to everyone

[i]NOTE: The clan uses Discord as form of communication for various activities and therefore it is a crucial tool for participating in the clan, you can join here -> [url=]Community Discord[/url][/i] [b][u]About TƑM:[/u][/b] We are an active community that is continually growing and searching for new active members that will interface with our community. We play all parts of the game, whether it be Raids, PvE, PvP, end-game or not. We have experienced players that can guide you whilst providing an enjoyable experience. We are friendly and mostly chill and having a good time, though we are not slouches gameplay wise. Both casual and more hardcore guardians can be found within the clan! [u]You can expect:[/u] - Experienced players to help you - A chill staff team who can take criticism - An organised and effective discord server - Friendly environment and chill place to play - A growing and active community - Weekly Raids and other activities within the community - Guides and tools to help you grow and improve [u]What we are looking for:[/u] - People who are active and enjoy playing Destiny 2 - Mutual respect to avoid toxicity - More Guardians to join our community - Willingness to join and participate with clan members via discord - Endgame players - Activity [b][u]How can I join?[/u][/b] 1. Start by upvoting this post to help us grow, it takes less than a second; 2. Join our Discord server to apply for the clan, random applications will not be accepted. Discord -> [url][/url] [i]Inactivity ingame or in discord leads to eventual kick if spots for new clan members are required, we search for members, not numbers.[/i]



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