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6/25/2022 2:52:55 AM

I think DB 3.0 could have benefited greatly by making the 3 aspects more specialized.

I'm no game dev, but i really would have enjoyed this rework more if Icarus dash wasn't hogging an aspect. TLDR: -activate heat rises with slide melee -put ID on heat rises -make support focused aspect that lets you charge your grenade into a heal again along with a Sol buddy that provided grenade energy and restoration x1 for the caster. Sol Soul cures nearby players. [quote] [b]Heat Rises:[/b] (aerial/movment) -Shoot and use abilties while gliding -Aerial kills extend heat rises and gives melee energy. Aerial kills while heat rises is active grant cure x1. -Activate heat rises by slide meleeing, this send you into the air. (like arc staff move and consumes melee energy) -Can perform Icarus dash (perhaps only when heat rises is active which isn't hard to get from melee now, ill leave that open for questionable balance)[/quote] [quote][b]Touch of Flame:[/b] (grenades) -Same as it is (though i don't ever see warlocks using firebolt, does it need some looking at?)[/quote] [quote] [b]Bountiful Sunlight:[/b] (support) -Overcharge your grenade into a healing grenade, extends glide -Your class ability grants you a Sol Soul (Orange Soul). Sol Soul Grants increased grenade regen and restoration x1 for a moderate duration. -Sol Soul grants cure x2 to nearby players and grants some class abilty energy back to you when curing allies.[/quote]



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