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{Xbox/PC Only} ASTRA IS RECRUITING for more endgame experienced players!

[b]Astra[/b] is an endgame clan built around endgame players on XBOX/PC. While we strive to build a community around a skillset exclusive to Destiny’s endgame, we strive more to build a community around likeminded people that enjoy being in a community together. Despite the fact that our members have many accolades of endgame accomplishments, we believe in building a community of players who want to grow together; both as players and as friends. To put it simply: leave your toxic ego at the door. Moreover, here is the requirements for joining! [b] Requirements: [/b] - [b]Be 18+ years of age. [/b] - [b]Be up to date with the current DLC (The Witch Queen)[/b] - [b]Have reliable comms[/b] - [b]1560+ power.[/b] - [b]50+ total raid clears from current raids in game.[/b] - [b]Join our discord, it’s where we live together as a community and schedule all of our events. Our server is constantly being updated and improved by our admin team to try and streamline the clan experience as much as possible.[/b] -[b]Be active in the discord. This clan is not just a “Nameplate”. No activity in the discord can result in being forced out of the clan.[/b] [b]What you can expect from us:[/b] [quote]- A community of chill, good players that are willing to grind it out with you and get things done. - A discord server set up and maintained to cater towards a seamless and enjoyable clan/community experience - Server role system to grind for some endgame accomplishments, while being able to tag other members with those roles when looking for folks[/quote] [b]If interested, please do the following:[/b] [quote]- Like, comment and upvote the recruitment post - DM one of our admins - Follow the link provided to apply:[/



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