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6/24/2022 9:22:45 PM

Small friendly LGBT clan recruiting :)

[quote]Hi there fellow guardians! We are a very small group of friendly lgbtq+ members of the community. We are all raid competent and enjoy end game activities and mainly anything pve. We have UK/Europe & US members currently. We are looking to expand our unique safe friendly clan atmosphere to any guardians who feel that this may be the clan for them. After you apply you will be invited to join as a beginner. Beginners will be encouraged to play early on and meet with clan members in a game mode of their choice as an introductory to clan members. This will help us to see if you feel comfortable within the clan and if it's a good fit for you and for us also. Discord is mandatory. You will be sent a welcome link shortly after joining either through the companion app or through bungie friends or pm etc. Even though we are small for now, this is being built up as a safe environment for fellow guardians who are part of the lgbtq+ community and we aim to keep it a safe and friendly environment.[/quote][/quote]



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