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6/24/2022 11:15:22 AM

(EU, 18+) Absølute Zérø [ZÉRØ] Looking to recruit more active members for Raids, GMs, NFs, IB, farming and more! Be social and have a mic!

[b]Absølute Zérø [ZÉRØ][/b] [b][EU][/b] We're an active community of both experienced and newer players looking for new members to join our Witch Queen adventures. Our members are always ready to teach and help for new activities, so don't hesitate to get in touch even if you're new to the game. [b]Requirements[/b] • Applicants must be 18+ to join • Be able to speak English, and have a mic • Be active and social [b]What We Provide[/b] • Weekly raids • Grandmasters and Nightfalls • Gambit • Crucible • Iron Banner • Dungeons [b]How to Apply[/b] • Follow the #welcome channel instructions within the discord - if you require any assistance, you can give Ðarkjo (myself) or any of the admins a message. [b]Discord Link[/b] • [b]Clan Page[/b] • Don't hesitate to message me for further information.



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