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Join Clan Venimus. Endgame PVE Clan, Growing Fast.

We are Venimus. US/UK Clan for over 18’s only. Our clan is mainly focused on endgame PVE and is heavily community minded, so Discord is required, along with regular activity, ideally logging in every 2 weeks. Being active and pushing clanmates to be better is always our aim, so we provide some teaching for builds, activity and help with survivability in tougher content, for committed players. We fully believe Destiny 2 is a CO-OP game, and we’re stronger together, but promote solo achievements as these make every player even better. We always have at least 2 raid groups for Day 1 raids and have events for new content (dungeons etc) to promote engagement and bring the clan together. If you’re not going to play with clanmates, or get involved with discord, we may not be the clan for you - we’re social, and don’t bite (hard) - and we’re a great place to make friends and improve your game. New players are always invited to join new player raids and dungeons, and to get involved where you can. How To Join: If you can follow those rules then please; 1)Upvote this post 2)Comment that you’re interested 3)Expect a dm from us on the destiny app. Rules and community guidelines found on our discord We'll see you out there, Guardian…



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