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6/23/2022 5:27:50 AM

Autos need some tuning BAD.

I've been repeating the same -blam!- for years and I'm gonna keep doing it until the problems are looked into more carefully. Bungie already said they are looking to buff autos next season and that's GREAT, but theyve been buffing them for years and have had a grand spanking total of TWO auto rifle metas across coming up on 6 years, where they just let them blast you down with no chance of winning and have done little to really make them a fair competitive option for whatever reason. Autos across the board need at minimum 7% recoil reduction. They NEED to land headshots to be worth a damn and a weapon that has to consistently land headshots with low damage per bullet causes them to fall flat on their -blam!-. 600s and 720s are already competent, but there are still options that simply can't be used because they feel like CRAP. 450s, for some reason, just don't get access to stability enhancing perks and so they just shake. 360s I shouldnt even have to explain. Theres some ok ones, but their overall design is terrible. Autos also need help with dealing with flinch. I know that they recently got built-in flinch resistance with the highest cap, but where bungie missed the mark is that autos typically aren't built full stability because their range tanks HARD for doing so. So you have to pick between hitting your targets at a distance, or being more capable of dueling within their more limited than the other main primaries range. This needs to be remedied in some fashion. Range is my least favorite of the bunch to talk about. Every auto can have good range if you spec for that stat, but so many also require you to spec into stability just so that you can consistently land shots. This design for them needs to be more in line with other primaries and should have less of a gap between a low range roll and a high range one (talking +7 meters on a 600, which is CRAZY) especially when both stats are absolutely critical. Longe range aim assist is another issue I have with them. For 600s and 360s they could use MAYBE a tiny tweak but for 720s and 450s, they have a hard time landing shots once you stop hitting for full damage. This makes dueling the other primaries that already easily outrange them, an even greater challenge. 450s are BY FAR the worst with this, cause as soon as you drop below 28 damage per crit (which is just 1 down), your shots will go all over the place because aim assist stops helping. Using firefright in pvp has been a pain because of this issue and it only really feels sticky in the ranges you get blasted by smgs, which is stupid considering they shoot over 30 meters. I also hate talking about lethality as well. This game has evolved to where players move around so much that hitting bodies isnt unlikely. 450s in particular are a drag to hit bodies with. 18 damage per shot is just not acceptable for a weapon type that already struggles with so much else. 600s and 720s make up for it with fire rate but could always use a little more to help them out. 360s are also not great and could use a little help. In pve they need to be buffed across the board, please. In summary what I said above looks like a LOT of buffs, but the reality of their design is that each and every piece plays into their downfall. They need to even them out to be less demanding of a particular stat like most primaries, but they need to be tuned to keep up with the speed of our sandbox and the lethality of some of the better primaries as well. 540 pulses are really bleeding into auto rifle territory and hurting them as a whole because of how strong they are. Long range, super easy but strong ttk, and their stats basically don't even matter except for some additional performance. Then they flinch like crazy and really don't have too many issues with flinch. 340s, the archetype of pulse that 360 autos should be comparable too, is a joke. I understand them taking it slow but this running ideology they still have back when they were making halo is getting old.



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