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6/23/2022 2:14:57 AM

Daniel Destiny Lugo here. I'm a self-made man. Just say no to SBMM!

I'm 360 no skopzz! I'm sweaty! I'm MLG! Hey, where you going, Pleb? My name is Daniel "Destiny" Lugo. And I believe in fitness. You know who invented SBMM? The weak, that's who! They just don't want to put and the time to get [b]ripped[/b] Destiny. No pains no gains. You want to play Destiny PVP? Well then you got to be born again hard bro! 5-0 matches all day all night! 24/7/365 no bathroom breaks - bucket nearby. Casual? J-O-B? What's that noise! Most plebs say they want to play better. Not everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. All of my heroes are self-made. They all started out with nothing and built their way to streaming perfection BY ROLFL STOMPING NOOBS. Pure Alpha. The way to prove yourself is to better yourself. I have no sympathy for people who don't put in the time to git gud. Get rekt and learn! It's sickening. It's worse than sickening. It's unpatriotic. Stop asking for SBMM! You people are like the attendant at the Country Club who gives a look when I toss my Ferrari keys in his general direction.
#destiny2 #satire



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