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6/13/2022 11:05:18 PM

Bungie please make 30th Anniversary weapons 'focus-able'

I'm so sick of grinding so many hours for the god-rolls of wastelander m5, bxr and pardon our dust and still...RNG sucks. I find it ridiculous when even Iron Banner now allows players to focus its weapon along with other vendors like Gambit... 30th Anniversary pack was such a huge event back then and why you make it become a meaningless event now. The loot pool is huge and you can get 1 key per run (I know you raise it to 3 coins now) but still I have been grinding every day for the god roll of wastelander...for every 21 KEYS (not coins) i got 2 wastelanders on average and the rest are just retraced paths (5 in a row???) and swords...How do I feel? Yea my 3 hours (for 21 keys) grinding was a total waste. Back then you were giving us coins for completing activities like crucible...WHY STOPS? Till this point I just dont get how you think raising the number of coins we get is good enough while Iron Banner weapons are focusable already...Yea 30th Anniversary pack means nothing to you I guess...(its just an Anniversary) EVERY WEAPONS CAN BE FOCUSED EXCEPT FOR 30TH ANNIVERSARY PACK



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