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6/11/2022 7:34:20 AM

Shadowkeep campaign softlock and completion issue

Been leveling up my alts and was working through Shadowkeep just for the sake of getting rid of the quests and getting armor to level up. The final campaign mission, Beyond, softlocked on me twice. Once after killing the Fanatic, and again after Crota. It just didn't send me back to the pyramid and kept me in the boss arenas. Thankfully I had enough heavy to swap to a GL and blow myself up or I would have had to restart the mission. It respawned me back in the pyramid with the boss already dead, so thankfully I didn't have to repeat the fight. But I've replayed this mission several times over the years and never had or heard of this bug until now, and it happened twice in one night. Also after finishing the mission you have to go talk to Zavala as part of a wrap-up to the campaign, and he rewards you with an enhancement prism...which you can't claim if you're capped on them...and you can't progress the quest without claiming it. Sure spending 1 prism on a random piece of armor isn't the end of the world, but this isn't ideal. I should either be able to just claim it anyway (maybe remove the arbitrary cap, eh? I *always* have prisms in the post because of it) or somehow skip the prism and finish the quest without claiming it.



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