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6/11/2022 1:30:53 AM

Auto complete campaign on secondary and tertiary character options

Bungie, I love campaign mode. I've been with you since D1. With the DLCs, Seasons, quests, there is so little time. Trying to get a character up to GM Nightfall level while being a PVE player without the time to do Raids, I still love playing when I can. My main has completed the campaign, my tertiary is halfway through and my secondary has not even started. A long time ago you gave us the option to auto level our existing alternate characters to level 20. This season you give us the option to spend silver to level up in the season faster. Your wonderful idea to allow us to replay campaign levels at different levels is brilliant. Surely now is the time to introduce auto complete options for alternate characters. The precedence to be able to do so has already been set. Thanks for listening.



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