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由SniffyNote2680編輯: 5/27/2022 5:54:03 AM

“Combat Acceleration” Nightfall modifier is dumb

There is a new nightfall modifier called “Combat Acceleration”, and the effect make it so your abilities such as grenade, melee and class ability have dramatically reduced base cool down, but landing continuous rapid hits will regain ability energy. My melee on tier 10 strength is taking well over 5 minutes to Regen even with getting constant hits. This modifier and others alike make build crafting for nightfalls so pointless. Why should I put time and effort into gather high stat rolled armor and putting a cohesive build together if modifiers like these make your ability Regen times abysmal. On top of that, you are forced to run champion mods, which for this season really suck. Imagine getting this modifier and attrition together. Having terrible health regeneration and abysmally low ability regeneration effectively making discipline, strength, recovery, and whatever class ability regen stat pointless. Bungie really coming in strong with yet more bs that no one wants for a “challenge”. I’m really getting sick of this stuff and of bungie, “We’re listening to community”. Yeah right. Modifier like these really need to either be tuned to not make them as dreadful, or removed altogether. I shouldn’t have to worry about my build not being up to par because of some bs modifiers that make having stats focused armor worthless.



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