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5/25/2022 5:30:57 PM

I really hope Trespasser gets a re-balancing from the sandbox team because that gun is otherwise going to dominate the future pvp for years

It was already in Destiny 1 a very broken pvp gun and in Destiny 2 that gun is even worse with the difference in pace experience (due to 60 FPS, higher FoV and such). The only problem with the gun is, that is the ONLY sidearm in the game that has, as a high rate of fire weapon itself, a perk that increases (technically) the rate of fire due to firing 2 bursts at the same time. Even worse is that the 2nd perk reloads the gun if you kill a target with the superburst and if that wouldn't be enough already it gives ANOTHER superburst ready to fire. Not to mention the catalyst adds tunnel vision which increases EVEN MORE the aim assist and bullet magnetism on that weapons reticle. This is going to be a problem for a long time if Bungie doesn't tune this beast down quickly. Once Trials comes around people will demand as same nerfs for it as with Lorentz Driver.



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