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Reporting issues with gear power level and the corresponding Pinnacle drops

My Pinnacles for Dares of Eternity, 100k NF and Preservation all dropped at +1. I was at 1562 gear power and they all dropped at 1563!!! They were always +2 Pinnacles. I checked with another player that did the Dares of Eternity run with me and he says his Pinnacle dropped at +2 as it should. Then I found out that the weapons in my Season Pass - that display my character's gear power level - had just 1561 power level. The game seemed to "think" that I had only 1561 gear level. Still, I am a veteran player, I use DIM and I am 100% sure I was at 1562 1/8 gear power level when I did those 3 Pinnacles +2. The correct value appeared in DIM and I checked the gear pieces one by one and calculated myself just in case! WORKAROUND: one of my weapons, a shaped Cataclysmic at 1562 was in a different character. All of the heavy weapons in my main character were at 1560 - if that was the maximum for my heavy slot in my whole inventory I would be at 1561 7/8. By moving that 1562 Cataclysmic to my main the power level of the guns in the Season Pass immediately changed to the correct value of 1562!!! And even after transferring the Cataclysmic back to a secondary character the power level in my main character stayed at the correct level of 1562!!! THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED - any experienced player knows that what counts is the maximum level of the weapons in your whole inventory - and I wasted 3 Pinnacle +2 drops because of it!!! UPDATE: actually after taking the Cataclysmic from my main to another character the level DROPPED BACK to 1561 after a while!!! As it stands it seems it is safer to keep your highest power weapons on your current character so the gear power level doesn't bug out! It does NOT have to be equipped though. I just got my first 1564 piece with said Cataclysmic on my main while doing Last Wish's final encounter - this week's rotating raid which gave out a Pinnacle +2 as it should.



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