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5/24/2022 6:05:52 PM


This is BS BUNGIE!!! Do you even PLAY your game??? The new solar ability (insert name here) is BROKEN and OVERPOWERED!! What is wrong with you. I have been playing Destiny since 1984!!! I'm a veteran player and in all 307,404 hours of playing this game I have NEVER seen a more broken ability than the new (insert new solar ability name here). I DEMAND you nerf this NOW or I'm NOT gonna play this BROKEN game for at least 10 minutes while I go to the bathroom. On the topic of new broken things, don't even get me started on the obscenely broken (insert new weapon here)!!! I have NEVER seen a weapon in ANY video game one shot kill from 8000 meters like (insert new weapon here), and I have been playing video games since 2012!!!! I AGAIN DEMAND you take the (insert new weapon here) OUT of the game completely or else I'm NOT spending another dime on this game until Tess releases all the new cosmetics. You BETTER do what I command Bungie or I will sue you into bankruptcy! My dad is a lawyer!!!



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