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New Trials armor

Alright, folks, time for a brief overview of WHY the Trials armors next season look the way they do and a lesson on Eguptian gods!! As we all know, Trials of Osiris has a LOT of egyptian motifs, from the shape of the medals in a match to the basis of the armor you can earn in it. This time around, the armor is a little bit more interesting. The Titan armor is based off the ram and the Egyptian god Khnum, who is associated with water, fertility, but also PROTECTION. Y'know, like the Sentinel and Defender Titans and their Ward of Dawn. Kinda makes sense here. The Warlock armor is based off the Hawk and the Egyptian god Horus. Horus represented kingship and was a god of the sky. Makes sense here from a Solar standpoint since the majority of high-end PVP warlocks run attunement of the sky for those floaty fights. The Hunter armor is based off the baboon and the god Babi. Babi was seen to be a fairly bloodthirsty and judgemental god, standing by a lake of fire in the underworld, devouring the souls of the unworthy after being weighed by Maat. Makes sense here since Hunters are jumping around like a monkey, nuking everyone in sight like the battle hungry wild people they are. And now you know, and knowing is half the battle! EDIT: This post has gotten everything from memes to actual genuine interest and everything in between. The best part? It's been mostly polite! Kinda digging the attitude in this one, lol.



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