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5/21/2022 11:14:23 PM

Why does endgame content generally feel unrewarding?

Seriously why is that things like master campaign missions, master/legendary lost sectors, master dungeons/raids feel so unrewarding. Sure I suppose this could be bungies way of balancing core players with more casual players who generally to play endgame content on a regular basis. Outside of GMs, I feel like most endgame content feels like a punch to the face since there is heavy amounts of RNG to get decent stuff and most commonly you'll get legendary gear that's some times slightly better than normal gear. Examples: completing weekly master campaign missions has the highest drop chance of ascendant alloy, but it's possible to get multiple clears without it dropping and it's possible to get clears and only get glimmer. Master/legendary lost sector are similar, most of the time you'll only get glimmer. Master raids only give you 1 chance at an adept weapon and the rest of the raid is just armor with high stats. Would it really be so wrong to make things like ascendant alloys, enhancement cores, prisms, and ascendant shards drop more regularly in endgame content. Like master campaign should have a 100% drop chance for AAs and there should be 2x rewards on certain weeks. Master/legendary lost sector should always reward 5k glimmer + enhancement cores as a base reward. Master raids/dungeons should drop ascendant alloy/shards from each encounter as a base reward.



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