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5/22/2022 8:32:43 PM

A few reasons I love this game

In many of the forums it’s been nothing but complaints about insignificant things, and I just want to say a few good things I’ve noticed. 1: The incorporation of teamwork that is so embedded in every aspect of the game. It has grown my relationships with all around me, whether it be from lfg or my pitiful raid squad, and especially tightened the bond between my boy Radneck and I. It enhances my ability to talk with strangers and exercise my communicative skills. 2: The options of gameplay. PvP, PvE, and even PvEvP are just a few. We have new activities and game modes almost every week, every 3 months we get a new season, and every year we get a huge new dlc. Raids, Dungeons, GMs, Trials, Iron Banner, etc. are just the tip of the iceberg of destiny’s many activities. 3: The player base and community surrounding the game. Everyone I’ve met on lfg has been extremely friendly to me, in either helping me through a Vex Catalyst run, or literally carrying my Wellock -blam!- through a GM. The community is very diverse as well. Yesterday I played with a group that consisted of an American, a Pakistanian, and a Brazilian. Even the age groups are broad. A few weeks back I played with a 70-year old man and an 8 year old kid. Everyone in the community helps out, whether in donations and support of Ukraine, or in the Game2Give, or any other form of community help. I hope that when you are about to write a strongly worded forum post about how broken Lorely Splendor is, or how Champions need to be removed(I’m looking at you Radneck), please think back to these things and remember that this game isn’t all that bad.



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