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Valhalla Community now Accepting Members

Valhalla™and Affinity™ | End game PvE Clan | PSN Valhalla is a established clan that cater to the end game players of destiny. We are an adult clan keen on tackling all end game content ranging from PVE with day one’s and GM’s to PVP with trials. Incoming members should be competent, have keen insight, skill and possess basic fundamental knowledge of the game on all levels. There is a basic minimum stat requirement and an invite only policy. Prove your worth to the gods and be praised in the halls of Odin for you can become a true Aesir of Destiny! Affinity is a casual PvE clan Partnered with Valhalla. Having both clans partnered together helps bring a larger base of players together. Incoming members will part of an end game community where they can relax and play the game to their hearts content while conquering endgame content. Affinity members are not required to move to Valhalla but have the ability to if they choose. Members coming in who meet requirements AND demonstrate competency and skill will gain automatic entry to Valhalla Requirements are as follows: -250 FULL clears or -4 legitimate raid report tags (flawless, day ones and low mans. Checkpoints will not count!) If you think you'd fit in with us, reply here or contact an admin with a link to your raid report for consideration. If you meet the minimum requirements, it is an automatic acceptance to Affinity™ WHAT WE LOOK FOR Valhalla Entry is -High raid clears (most of our members have hundreds of FULL clears!) -Flawless & Low-man tags on Raid Report; the more the better! (No CP’s!) -Solo Flawless Dungeons -Disciple-Slayer, Fatebreaker and Conqueror Titles are a huge plus! PvP Requirements are a 1.5kd and at least 15 Sherpas. Must be able to run non stacked cards also. Pvp players will not be held to the same requirements as PvE. DISCORD USE IS REQUIRED! You need to have an active presence in our community, talk to, and play with other clanmates. |PSN exclusive clan| |We are only accepting those who are 18+ and older| We look forward to meeting and playing with you!



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