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5/23/2022 6:16:47 AM

Dear bungie wheres palindrome?? Not dropping

Literally all weekend ive done nothing but nightfalls on legend hero master all of them guardian games and regular get platinum on well over 50 nightfalls and have seen mayb 2 nightfall weapons yet they say common and prisms uncommon but get them every damn time and never ever is it this rare to get nightfall weapon usually on hero can get one to drop in like 5 runs amd final weekend before you remove it i spend it trying to get one and not even seen one lol clearly something is bugged somewhere because this it not bad rng because odds of common drop not dropping in over 50 nightfalls and only seeing 2 guns is ridiculous and fact can get ascendant shards exotics and prisms over 4x more often than a simple nightfall gun is messed up



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