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5/23/2022 6:52:15 AM

The Guardian Games tankard is hilarious

I looked it up after I unlocked the code to get it. Wow. Who put Guardian logos that have pointy edges on the handle of the tankard? It holds up to 600ml of liquid, meaning when full it's going to be heavy enough so that you will want to grip the handle firmly. But wait! There are pointy, awkward bits on it! Haha. That's not going to end well. But wait, there's more! Act now and you'll get a tankard that is not dishwasher safe, expensive, ugly as sin, and delivered so long after ordering that the covid pandemic will probably be a distant memory by then. In fact, the delivery date is so far off that by the time you get it you'll be older and wiser and will probably be horrified when the tankard arrives one day like a specter from your past to remind you of your unwise decisions when you were younger. But on the plus side, it probably breaks easily so it won't be around long to haunt you. So overall it's a reward that perfectly sums up the quality and experience of the Guardian Games.



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