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5/23/2022 6:16:55 AM

Last few slots available for the new season, Eternity of Legends clan recruitment age 21+, endgame,discord required, crossplay friendly

Eternity Of Legends clan recruitment age 21+, Discord Required, Crossplay friendly we are currently seeking active endgame players who love playing daily What we can bring is *Teamwork *Dedication *Patience *Activeness and willingness to help others What we ask *genuine active players *understand the values of real life comes first always *no toxicity or drama *most importantly have fun making friends enjoying the love of the game *using discord helps in running activities daily with each other *working headsets for party chat especially on raids and end game activities such as grandmasters , trials etc or be able to use discord voice chat Upvote and comment with your gamertag if interested in joining us or click the link below to apply to join



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