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The House of Lost Lights (LOST) opens its doors to you! (US/EU 18+)

Hey there guardians! As this season is coming to an end, we at [u][b]The House of Lost Lights[/b][/u] are offering you all the chance to join our community. We are a growing Destiny 2 clan that primarily plays on PlayStation and communicate through Discord. At Lost Lights, we encourage all players of all skill levels to join the family, whether you've never touched a dungeon in your life or you're a master raider with all the seals, everyone has a place in our community. We have a good mix of UK/EU and EST/CST players at the moment so you'll never be lonely on your journey. At Lost Lights, we have an amazing PVE team who are always willing and ready to hop into a raid. Our PVP scene is more casual but that doesn't stop us from stacking up for iron banner or trials every weekend and getting those mercys. We also provide a well-organized Discord server that will enhance your destiny experience (ping system, raid scheduling, and more) To summarize: - Discord is a [b][u]MUST[/u][/b]. This is how we communicate within the clan - Primarily PSN but will accept Xbox/PC who use [b][u]PSN Chat[/u][/b] - UK/EU + EST/CST/PST timezone. But any timezone is welcome - PvE focused with some members more keen on the PVP side - Well organized discord with a variety of channels - We are all a community, your skill level is not an indication of you as a person We have a few basic rules to follow which you can read about in more detail in our discord - Activity in-game and discord is mandatory - 2 weeks of inactivity in either will be followed up with the admin team - Treat others how you want to be treated - We have a 0 tolerance policy against harassment or discrimination - Communicate with the clan. We are all here to talk not just as clan mates but as friends If you are interested in joining, leave a like in this post and reply below. One of our admins will be in contact and get you signed up! The House of Lost Lights (LOST) Clan Page - [url=][/url]
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