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5/22/2022 5:20:50 PM

[CLAN] WEB OF STARS | LIMITED SPACE (Looking for active members)

[u][b]Web of Stars[/b][/u] / PvE, PvP, Gambit / Raids and Raid Sherpas Are you looking for a community of active players that run about everything with clan members? Perhaps looking to find a group of raiders that can keep up with you or even help you learn the raids? Need people to run activities, such as clan night raids, dungeons or even high-end PvP like comp and Trials of Osiris? Want to try out all the epic content that came with Witch Queen and beyond? Then Web of Stars is the clan for you. [b]We look for somewhat active members that are willing to engage with the clan. This is why joining the discord and being somewhat active in it is mandatory. We like to interact with every member of the community, and want to know what kind of new fun person is joining![/b] [b][u]Requirements:[/u][/b] [1] - Upvote this post [2] - Comment [3] - Join the and contact a moderator or staff member on there to say you commented on the post [4] - Someone with the correct powers will reply to your comment here ASAP and invite you to the clan



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