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5/22/2022 8:08:06 PM

[ALL PLATFORMS] Mutiny is Recruiting [End Game Focused]

[i]We are roughly 50 guardians that formed to create a place that others can relax, knock out raids, challenges and other tougher content. Our plan is to build quality over quantity. While we might not have an abundance of LFG for every activity, we have stressless completions of harder content. [/i] [b]What We Have[/b] - Discord bots to update you on Charlemagne stats and Wellspring weapon rotations - Achievable discord roles based on meeting specific requirements - Queue system to create your own activity for others to join and limit or alleviate the need for Bungie LFG. - A growing, awesome group of dedicated players to get those triumphs and seals knocked out. - 14 day Activity Policy [b]Requirements[/b] 18+ age limit 10+ clears in all current raids Conquer Title 1550 light minimum Laid back, positive vibes Be a part of our discord [b]Not Tolerated[/b] * Begging for carries * Negative nancies * Targeting players in the clan [u]If you would like to give us a shot, just DM me[/u].



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